Sunday, August 15, 2010

Frankenhole: log cabin

this was the first set i was assigned for frankenhole and can be seen in the john thomas jefferson episode. all of the elements were carved out of soft foam and then glued on to wood. i did the paint job for this set (and the other two i made) as well.

unfortunately this is the only set i took progress pics of. glad i got at least one!

after the set was painted i gave it a dirty wash to give an aged effect.

my favorite part of the set was this little wood burning stove. second favorite would have to be the door which i don't think even got any screen time...? don't quote me on that though, i don't have cable so i can't even watch the show when it airs. but i do know a chunk of the main shot this set was for was cut due to censorship. i'm finding out that happens a lot with these shadow machine shows. just more to look forward to when the dvd comes out! (i hope there will be a dvd!)

final pic is the set on stage. i think the shot was partially animated at this point. production moves so fast i wasn't able to take a glory shot of the set but you get the idea.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

props for frankenhole

now that the show is airing i can finally post some of the stuff i worked on! joy! ok, so when i first got to shadow machine i was asked to modify some pre-existing resin casts that would become props for the show. i accomplished that by using a bit of magi-sculpt (a two part sculpting apoxy) and forming it over the pre-existing casts. when the magi-sculpt hardened i went over each piece with some primer and painted them up. so here are a few pictures of that.

the magi-sculpt dries grey so you can tell what parts i sculpted over.

a lot of my time was spent applying this mossy sludge to different forms to be floor covering for swampy sets. we literally went through gallons and gallons of this stuff. i like work where i can get my hands dirty so i had a lot of fun slopping that sludge around. unfortunately i didn't take very many pictures but you see it in just about every outdoor shot in the show.

i also spent a lot of time filling tiny glass jars with colored water...

...painting (SO MANY!) resin cast book spines and little creatures (already sculpted before i got there)...

...that were placed into even more tiny glass jars...

...and then placed on a set. this final picture is kinda crappy but looks kinda cool i think, but it shows a few of those props getting set up. (not my set by the way). there were a lot more props and elements i worked on that i unfortunately didn't manage to take pictures of so this is pretty much all i have for the moment. there were some cool skulls i modified and various other spooky things that went on the walls and shelves (why didn't i take pictures!). but i do have some good pictures of a few sets i made so i'll be posting those soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

an okay interview

two little clips of animation i did for "an okay place to eat" are up on the okay place blog! there is also a short written interview. check it out here!