Tuesday, April 21, 2009

baby mammoth and friends

oh look, i made a crappy little title thing for my blog :o

so i was up until about 4 in the morning watching this thing on the national geographic website about a frozen baby mammoth. the thing looked like a giant hunk of beef jerky shaped like an elephant. needless to say, i was inspired. but in a cute way.

i made the little mammoth pretty quick since i opted to use hot glue instead of hand sewing it. it is just a bit chunky but really not as bad as i thought it would be. definitely passable.

i am also now working on a series of monster paintings for a gallery that will happen in two months. the theme is monsters and robots. oh boy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

i made a hand puppet

i based the pattern from a hand puppet i already have. i am really on a puppet kick right now, i think i am going to try to make another one of these little ones. sewing things by hand takes a long time though so i am gonna bust out the old glue gun on this next one. i hope it doesn't turn out too chunky...

scrunchy face!

sad and indifferent animals wearing scarves

i couldn't sleep...

i think i like the tiger and the mule the best.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

dancing televisions, cockroaches and butt shakin

more animation from that short film i am working on with jasser and javier. the film has a plumber in it so of course you have to show plumbers crack.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the easter bison

happy easter from the easter bison! well it is just about 3 am here so if this post is incoherent you can guess why.

progress is being made but i am finding that the problem with controlling the head with my hand is that my hand is attached to my arm on the side of my body. if i had an extra arm coming out of my stomach things would be just swell right now, but i don't... so i'll just have to make one!

diabolical plans that need more planning. it needs to be able to sway from side to side and up and down if possible and also needs to be able to open and close the mouth. it must also be made with things i have laying around or can get for very cheap because i am dirt ass poor.

the awkwardness! see, it looks like the head is shooting out of the side of the body. it also KILLS my hand to try to get it into a semi decent position. i also need more fur.

good news is the head is almost done now! but it is kinda small i think. hopefully i can stuff the top with enough fluff to fix that problem without giving him a neanderthal forehead.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

hummingbird colored

this is the hummingbird footage i did for that film i am working on, but it is a bit confusing without the rest of the footage and the background which jasser has. the hummingbird flies down to smell some flowers, there is some rumbling which he reacts to and he flies away as some pipes shoot out of the earth. the timing on this test is going to be different from what is in the film but you get the idea of what is happening. i am pretty excited, this thing is coming together pretty fast and it is looking really nice.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

c. bison

so i am making a bison costume for some reason. it started out as a puppet and things just escalated from there.

the head

the horns

first stage of hump, made out of lycra for stretchy bonus

i sewed the rest of it together and stuffed it with fluff. the hump is complete!


on saturday there was a giant pillowfight in pershing square in downtown los angeles. can you believe that? a giant pillow fight! in los angeles! there were so many feathers in the air i was literally inhaling them. good thing i had my bandanna, i put it on cowboy style and used it as a breathing mask. my camera took a beating but it amazingly is still working (check out the video for proof). i have no idea how long the event lasted, i was there for maybe an hour smacking people around and it was still happening after i left. there is something rather satisfying about slamming complete strangers with the pillow you rest your head on at night.

and apparently there were pillow fights all over the world, it was global pillow fight day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

hummingbird test 1

my friend jasser asked me to help him on a project he is working on. this is the first test from the opening scene, which looks very different from the rest of the film.

i love going over to peoples houses and animating with them :D i love it so much! this was a lot of fun. good thing there is more work to do :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

care bear STARE!

i have had this idea on my mind for a few days now and i simply couldn't do anything else until i had shat these out of my brain. thank you google images and cheap photoshop techniques! what i really want is to get some taxidermy animals and have an exhibit of "real" 80's cartoon characters. unfortunately taxidermy animals are very expensive. i need a sponsor or something.