Monday, June 27, 2011

new digs

these bunnies are not very good at moving in...

this is a piece i made for the robot chicken and friends charity show :D the charity was to help fund trisha gum's AFI womens directing program short film titled "losing ferguson". trish is a friend of mine and is the art director over at shadow machine for robot chicken. she is taking over full direction responsibilities for the short and has asked me to be art director for the film which is pretty rad i think, so i'll be helping out with all that. anyway, i won't get into too much detail here but if you are interested check out the blog she has going : losing ferguson

i didn't exactly get the best pictures of this piece but it was sold to someone i know so hopefully i'll get to see it again and take some better pics!

how are you going to get that shelf in there! really. just leave it on the curb and hit up the bunny ikea.

i would have put the books in a box but whatever works, ya know.

man, i was super proud of the box on top with sports equipment in it and i didn't even get a good pic of it. oh well. just gonna have to get more pics soon!