Saturday, October 23, 2010

fuel tv set elements

had a few more things from those fuel tv spots i wanted to post.

i didn't make all these buildings but i made some of them.

computers for the inside of the spaceship. the set designer laid the groundwork for the set.

i didn't paint the set but here it is all gussied up with my pride and glory, the anal probe

beginnings of the pool for the desert set

it took the better part of a day getting the pool filled out with small pieces of cardboard to make it this shape. tedious but the results were very nice.

cardboard lettering.

the whole set all done and painted up (again, not by me). the set designer did most the work on this one, i just did some of the detail work like the boarded up wall and stone detail in the middle. and the pool, of course :]

didn't manage to take pics of a bunch of the other things i worked on but you get the idea :]