Monday, September 7, 2009


i got my job back! well, i never technically lost it since i was freelance... but anyway... ringtales is finally getting back on its feet which means it's back to work for me! the company just signed a few major contracts and has a full plate for the next two years. so to celebrate i decided to post a few of the pieces i previously worked on.

"animal analysis"
animatic and animation

"drive by feeding" and "kid toss"
animatic for both

"head hunter"
animatic and animation

"handy mantis"
animatic and animation

"puppy chow" (the second animation, not the first one)

"cold call" and "salmon slalom"
animatic for both (though the company that was supposed to animate it basically just colored my animatics.)

in total i made somewhere around 50 or 60 animatics for ringtales with the new yorker cartoons and fully animated five.

i don't believe i am going to be animating the new yorker comics anymore, i think i will be working on the new properties the company just landed. not sure what those are yet but i should find out in a few weeks :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

munchies is go

hot out of after effects, it's... "MUNCHIES!"

unfortunately we noticed AFTER uploading the video to the contest website that the sound is not quite in sync. it is only a hair off but still enough to mess with the timing and dampen the impact (note to everyone: do NOT use mp3 type files when editing to video, stick with aiff or wav these file types are much more reliable). we might try to upload it again but i'm not sure if the rules will allow for that.

other than that little sound problem we are happy with how this came out. total hours working on it is about 24. not bad for a 15 second concept to completion i think.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


it's munchies! these are all the animation elements used in the 15 second short jasser and i put together. tomorrow we are doing the sound and then we will be done! this project has come together much like a 48 hour film, except that we stop working on it after 8 consecutive hours and actually get sleep.

so yeah, these are all the animation elements used and believe it or not i actually drew more elements than we ended up using. the pages were scanned, meticulously separated and layered in photoshop by jasser and then animated in after effects. the animation is extremely limited and relies heavily on timing and expressions.

licky pup

after some time playing with the timing it was decided that the last concept jasser and i came up with for the 15 seconds to fame contest was going to be longer than 15 seconds so we came up with a few new ideas and settled on one involving a dog. three dogs actually. these sketches just happen to be all of the same dog.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you better don't...

look who's back! makin a post on the blog of blogs. it's a me... caroline!

so lots of stuff has been going on in my world; visited the family in arizona, went camping on the beach, been working with some crazy dogs, been chased by some dogs, had "no naked!" in a few festivals (more i hope!), finished up the animation for "a plumbers tale" with jasser, been working on a few gigs here and there and now i'm starting on a fresh new animation project with jasser for a nickelodeon contest.

here's a little snippet of a peek:

the contest is called "15 seconds to fame" and the idea is that you have 15 seconds to make them laugh. we have until september 8th to get it all done and looking snap-tacular. i feel pretty good about this.

... that's candy in his mouth by the way.