Saturday, August 27, 2011

Robot Chicken season 5 props

a few of my favorite props from the first half of production for the season. we took a break in the middle of production to do the starwars special and then started back with the second half of season five. props from the second half are under this post.

"rubber" chicken. this guy gets a good featured shot in the christmas special. made out of magic sculpt.

bowls of popcorn i had to make as identical as possible. for... a skit about... aw hell i think it's jake gyllenhaal and another actor... eff why can't i remember! anyway, popcorn in bowl is carved yellow foam, loose popcorn is magic sculpt.

shoebox that buzz lightyear is buried in. it's a very touching skit. i designed the graphic for the box and then had to do a lot of hard negotiating with the printer to get it to print out long pieces of brown butcher paper. this prop was way more difficult to finish than it should have been... effing printers...

stratego! this was an awesome prop to make. graphic mounted on a piece of styrene, pieces are made out of styrene as well.

dvd and vhs player. made out of wood blocks and styrene. i think we just needed these in general as set dressing, non skit specific.

lots of candy for the willy wonka skit! this picture sucks but it's the best i got. gumdrops are baked sculpey, then i painted them and rolled them in salt and then applied clear coat to finish them off. lollypops are carved styrene. lots of presents for the christmas special here too. some of them were old props i was cleaning, some i made new.

battle plan map for home alone skit! tried to piece together what i could from references of the movie on youtube.

ok, these are pretty rad. i didn't make the cabinets for these, just the graphics. i love them so much! these were some of my favorite graphics i made for the season and seeing them on tiny cabinets is just the bee's knees. i really wanna play foam finger pinball. they were made as generic set dressing but most memorably used for a humping robot sketch.

Robot Chicken season 5 props

i made a bunch of props for season five. these are a few of my favorites from the second half of the season. apologies for the languge in this post, i was getting hella bored trying to describe everything.

chicken and cluckerella velvet painting. srtaight up acrylic on velvet yo. for epic 100th episode skit!

twilight books. i made the graphics for these as well. they are animateable. (pages and cover spray mounted on black wrap). guess which skit this was for.

probably the largest prop/set element i made for the season. the arms are on pegs so they can animate and allow the manure to fall. for back to the future skit.

mister mouth animateable prop! pretty proud of this one. the head spins around and the mouth can open and close. i made a press mold for all the butterfly game pieces. i included a pic of it before the paint went on to show some of the construction. for a very inappropriate skit!

dog house! for a skit with a talking dog. i know. this show is CRAZY.

lady gaga magical lion unicorn deer thing! little pig shows off how i made it. we have zero time to make stuff so we have to cut lots of corners when we can. it's sometimes cheaper to cannibalize figures and old props than have someone make the entire thing from scratch. i finished this thing in less than a day. if i had to sculpt the whole thing it would have taken days.

i wanted to put bondage on him but i ran out of time...

effing didgeridoo hero bitches!

back to the future thing... aw hell... what's it called?

megan fox's boxes! i totally made like a crap ton of tiny boxes for this skit. made wrapping paper patterns, printed them out, glued it to some thin cardboard and cut out intricate box patterns and then assembled them. also some of my favorite graphics were from this skit.

yellow pages! blam! this book is semi-animateable. i think this was for... no i can't remember the skit. one of my favorite props though! something very satisfying about the props i make graphics for.

effin night rider blanket! made graphics, patterned it, printed on iron on transfer, ironed that shit on fabric and then put it on some black wrap. for the night rider skit! yeah!

tiny ski poles! for the dora the explorer skit. SWIPER NO SWIPEY!

OATS! OATS OATS OATS OATS! those tiny riding crops totally smacked tiny rihanna puppet's ass. best. skit. ever.

bake a cake! sign that hangs in the giant generic city town set we had up all year. like one million skits going on in there.

booze signs for the transformers white trash skit. classy.

aaaaaaaand a crap ton of stuff for coffee shop... i can't remember the skit but was rad to make all the stuff for it. little art pieces were made in computer and printed on canvas then mounted on styrene. i made a stencil and used it on the crates. all of this was tedious and fun as hell to make.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

not trying very hard cards

"when there's nothing left to say, say it with a card"

cute things and dark subject matter always go together well in my book. i'm pretty sure this is about as dark as my humor gets.

i made a zazzle store a while ago for these cards but i just can't get over the ~zazzle~ name. still looking for better options in the ways of having an online store but for now you can ZAZZLE IT UP HERE

accurate map of the united states

states are out. undefined, blurry regions are in!