Sunday, July 15, 2007

update, update!

hello all! (...both of you.)
you may have noticed that i havn't been updating my blog in a long, long while. if you may have noticed this then you may be asking, "why"?. or you may also be asking, "what a dirty slut! she drank all the apple juice!", which isn't actually a question but if you happen to be wondering; yes, it was delicious. BUT!, i am not here to discuss such delicious matters with either of you! i am here typing at my computer to update my current life status. so please, don't bring up the juice situation again. thank you.

life status situation one!: i am doing character designs for a (small) feature that i'm not supposed to talk about! but even tho it takes up a lot of my time this is my first gig so i'm getting paid crap! (but its such a good opportunity!!)

life status situation two!: i am doing more work in the form of anamatics for a small company called 'ring tales' to make up for the crap money i make with the other guys.

life status situation three!: i'm moving. oh, crap!

life status situation four!: i've run out of crap to post. (until i get the rest of my crap together!)

so as you can see, the reason for my lack of recent postings is because i have a lot of crap to deal with right now. as for the missing apple juice, i have no good reason. so please...stop asking. thank you.

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