Sunday, April 12, 2009

the easter bison

happy easter from the easter bison! well it is just about 3 am here so if this post is incoherent you can guess why.

progress is being made but i am finding that the problem with controlling the head with my hand is that my hand is attached to my arm on the side of my body. if i had an extra arm coming out of my stomach things would be just swell right now, but i don't... so i'll just have to make one!

diabolical plans that need more planning. it needs to be able to sway from side to side and up and down if possible and also needs to be able to open and close the mouth. it must also be made with things i have laying around or can get for very cheap because i am dirt ass poor.

the awkwardness! see, it looks like the head is shooting out of the side of the body. it also KILLS my hand to try to get it into a semi decent position. i also need more fur.

good news is the head is almost done now! but it is kinda small i think. hopefully i can stuff the top with enough fluff to fix that problem without giving him a neanderthal forehead.


Gregory Sesma said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!! That bison is so cool. Looking at this makes me want to make a puppet too.

Philipp said...

The head is great! I hope you can work out the technical problems