Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you better don't...

look who's back! makin a post on the blog of blogs. it's a me... caroline!

so lots of stuff has been going on in my world; visited the family in arizona, went camping on the beach, been working with some crazy dogs, been chased by some dogs, had "no naked!" in a few festivals (more i hope!), finished up the animation for "a plumbers tale" with jasser, been working on a few gigs here and there and now i'm starting on a fresh new animation project with jasser for a nickelodeon contest.

here's a little snippet of a peek:

the contest is called "15 seconds to fame" and the idea is that you have 15 seconds to make them laugh. we have until september 8th to get it all done and looking snap-tacular. i feel pretty good about this.

... that's candy in his mouth by the way.

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