Saturday, June 5, 2010

i made some shirts!

i made a redbubble account! only two t-shirt designs up so far but it's a start. official no naked shirt to come in the hopefully not too distant future! i'll update when that happens. and i know the redbubble prices are kinda high... the base price for all t-shirts is $20 so i'm making less than $5 on every shirt but they seem to have nice quality stuff. i would have gone with cafe press but they don't offer white on black printing which makes me think all their stuff is iron-on transfer grade. not so hot. also, it seems you can buy my designs as stickers, which is kinda neat.

and in other news no naked will be shown at the san francisco frozen film festival! festival takes place july 1st through the 5th. my little film is gaining some speed, time to submit a few more dvd's!

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