Thursday, January 20, 2011

ewok village

posting stuff i made for the robot chicken star wars episode III special in one big chunk here. i wish i had a camera with a fish eye lens because a lot of these sets were BIG and it would have been nice to get the whole thing in frame. working on this project was a fantastic experience :]

ok, so this set. was my baby. when i found out i was going to make the ewok village i got kindof really excited. i think i filled my life quota for nerdyness during the build for this set. i love ewoks. i want to live in the ewok village and drink ewok juice and yell YUB YUB from my ewok hut and raise my tiny spear. i don't know what ewok juice is but i'll leave it alone. anyway...

BEHOLD! the construction of ewok village.

utilizing some forced perspective on the bridges.

little platform i made to fit around a little tree

the little ewok hut on the platform in the tree was a recycled element from an older r.c.s.w special, but i think that was the only re-used element. that and one of the platforms.

you can see a bit of how i constructed things in this behind shot.

this is where that fish eye lens would have come in handy. you can't even see the other bridge on the right.

i tried to get some good shots on stage but there was never really a good time with this one. i did manage to come away with a few decent pics though.

i made a bunch of those trees in the background, too. me and two other coworkers. we made over 40 trees in total. half of the trees were used here for the ewok village and the other half were swampy trees used for the dagobah swamp. sadly, no pics of those.

i think this is my favorite shot

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Anonymous said...

Wow! These are really cool! Thanks for posting these excellent behind-the-scenes photos. Great work!