Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the littlest griblet

my good friends are having a baby! this was a surprise gift for them. i call the little creatures grebbies (greg + debbie)

i was pressed for time so i cut some small corners here and bought the pillows, wall clock and sunglasses on the little griblet, as well as the milk glasses... but i DID make the milk! and everything else in the diorama. the rocking horse is based on the one i had growing up. the tiny pictures are somewhat personalized, i always remembered that debbie liked the labyrinth with david bowie, especially the little blue worm who shows up for all of 30 seconds, so one of the pictures is of him. and greg loves the flinstones so i drew a fred. the yellow dog is a pluto, since that is the gift i bought for their daughter for her birth, and the other two are the obligatory family and house pictures that every child draws. and i tried to toss in as much pink as possible since debbie loves pink :] i really loved making this one, i need to come up with more indoor scenarios for dioramas.

buh! i wish i had better pictures of those crayons! i thought they turned out really cool. i really should take pics of all the props i make before i set them in the scene.

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