Saturday, November 6, 2010

everything is coming up ewok

not so long ago, in a los angeles town not so far away, a drunk letter "T", a short stack of pancakes, a space bear and a wrinkled testicle crash landed their spacecraft into an animation studio. and had an interview.

it was awkward. it was weird. maybe even a little inappropriate at times. but it was good. and with a little luck it won't be cut from the dvd special footage! wuuuu!

being an ewok isn't something you wake up and all of the sudden decide to be. you are born this way. maybe you don't have a fuzzy body and greatly surpass the 3 foot 7 inch height limit, but deep down inside you feel it. we call it "the yub".

sure, i get made fun of sometimes. some people call me the space beargirl, yeah, some call me the gangster of yub. some people call me wicket ~woo wooooo~ cause i speak of the pompitous of space love. and also probably because i dress up like an ewok.

ewok lifestyle! yuuuuuub! ewok 4 life!

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