Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hoppy Bunny Thanksgiving Dinner Diorama

over the thanksgiving break my grandma, vo, turned 80 and since i thought this was such a grand age to be i made her something a little extra special.

I made the little bunny warren inside an 8.5 x 11 inch wooden frame i got on discount years ago at a wal-mart. i meant to make many different things in this frame at one time or another but it seems the frame was waiting for these little bunnies all this time.

the bunnies are baked super sculpey that were later flocked. the little props were made using super sculpey, wood or styrene. the warren itself is carved hard foam covered with texture and glue. the whole piece took me about 24 hours in total and i couldn't be happier with it :] and my grandma vo loved it, of course. she's my grandma!

took a pick with a dime in there so you can see just how small the bunnies are. TINY!


Peter said...

Holy Mackeral, this is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. It makes we want to have made it. The little bunnies are beautiful and the colors are great.

Job very well done!

Meerra said...

WOW! Just WOW? How did you make the underground tunnels look so realistic? What material is that and how do they stay?

caroline! said...

Hi Meera! The underground tunnel was sculpted from foam and then covered in a mixture of sand, glue and rock then painted :) The bunnies are secured with glue

Meerra said...

Thanks Caroline! And how did you give that greenish moss effect?

caroline! said...

It is a craft item you can purchase. Scenic flocking. held down with glue