Friday, November 21, 2008

the beast gets animated

in the middle of the night, armed with shovels and flashlights, sebastian and i dug a grave for the beast... in the middle of a park in south pasadena. residents jogged by as we scraped in the dirt trying to get the scene to look as convincing as possible: a beastly reincarnated metaphor for past tortures rising from the dead with dutiful purpose. or something like that. it's not my movie, i'm just helping to make it better.

on with the show!

this is the first piece of animation i have made for a feature length film. low budget or not i am pretty proud of this fact. and it looks darn good, too :D


Gregory Sesma said...

the clown monster puppet thingy is great. me likes

caroline! said...

wooty woot woot! thanks man