Thursday, November 6, 2008

ziggy star bear, the costume from mars

so this is the rest of my halloween costume. i made the mask the night before and the day of halloween i added a cape, power cuffs (eeee!), excessive shoulder pads, crazy awesome shoes and lots and lots of glitter! the shoes were the fastest part made in about 10 minutes. i just wrapped cardboard around some walking shoes with duct tape and then covered the tape with glitter and glue. the fuzzy leg warmers were just scraps from the cape that i safety pinned to my pants. not bad for a last minute costume but i think this officially puts me in the "major dork" category. i felt like i was a 12 year old boy wearing it at the cal arts party. but it was a ton of fun to make, and i could even dance in it!

also, please to enjoy my pumpkin.


Gregory Sesma said...


caroline! said...

indeed! i also wore it last night to the flaming lips movie "christmas on mars". dressing up as an alien, santa, a member of a marching band or astronaut was encouraged. the costume basically got me in, i wouldn't have had a chance without it. spacebear, i love you!